Sponsored Easter Egg Hunt – Wednesday 29th March 2017

Thank you to all the children and grown ups who joined us on our Easter Egg Extravaganza!
We started with a picnic and within no time everybody was looking for their patterned Eggs indoors.
Everyone received a chocolate bunny lolly for completing the task and as they munched 150 coloured eggs were being hid outside in the garden and playing field.
Theo agreed to be the “Basket Master” and all the children headed outside in search of the treasure.
The Easter Bunny did make an appearance and threw all the eggs in the basket up in the air!!!
Naughty Bunny!
Along with the raffle, refreshments and sponsors the nursery school made a profit of £350.06

A special Thank You to the following children for collecting their sponsor money.

Lumi Dunkley  £37.00
Andersson Digby Randell  £35.50
Esme Wilson  £22.00
Joey Leggett  £21.10
Louie Rushmere  £16.00
Arthur Sims  £14.00
Tilly Sims  £14.00
Hugo Scott  £13.00
Abigail Raines  £10.00
Monty Lee  £9.00

Later payments have arrived from Samuel Pooley £65, Cathy Talboy & Family £10 and Freya £5.20. Many thanks to you all!

.Sponsored Easter Egg Hunt