Children’s Records (10.6)

Policy statement

At Reepham Nursery School we have record keeping systems in place that meet legal requirements; means of storing and sharing that information take place within the framework of the Data Protection Act and the Human Rights Act and the Statutory requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

This policy and procedure is taken in conjunction with the Confidentiality Policy and our procedures for information sharing.


We keep two kinds of records on children attending our Nursery:

Developmental records

  • These include observations of children in the setting, photographs, samples of their work and written documentation of the progress through the Early Years Foundation Stage.
  • These are usually kept in the Nursery and can be accessed, and contributed to by staff, the child and the child’s parents.

Personal records

  • These include registration and admission forms, signed consent forms, and correspondence concerning the child or family, reports or minutes from meetings concerning the child from other agencies, an ongoing record of relevant contact with parents, and observations by staff on any confidential matter involving the child, such as developmental concerns or child protection matters.
  • These confidential records are stored in a lockable file or cabinet and are kept secure by the Nursery Manager and in a locked office.
  • Parents have access, in accordance with our Client Access to Records policy, to the files and records of their own children but do not have access to information about any other child.
  • Staff will not discuss personal information given by parents with other members of staff, except where it affects planning for the child’s needs. Staff induction includes an awareness of the importance of confidentiality in the role of the key person.
  • We retain children’s records for three years after they have left the setting. These are kept in a secure place.

Other records

  • Issues to do with the employment of staff, whether paid or unpaid, remain confidential to the people directly involved with making personnel decisions.
  • Students, when they are observing in the setting, are advised of our confidentiality policy and are required to respect it.



Legal Framework

  • Data Protection Act 1998
  • Human Rights Act 1998

Further guidance

  • Information Sharing: Guidance for Practitioners and Managers (DCSF 2008)


This Policy was adopted at a meeting of:  Reepham Nursery School
Held In:  July 2016
Date to be reviewed:  July 2018
Signed on behalf of the management committee:  Graham Dunkley – Chairperson.