Home learning strategy (11.1)

Our ethos:

At Reepham Nursery School we believe that the links we share with all of our families are vital to the well-being, development and progress of our children.

We want all our families to feel they are in a true partnership with our nursery, which has the learning and development needs of each child at its heart.

We see this partnership as a two way process; where we share and involve our parents with their child’s learning and nursery life, and they in turn can form trusting relationships with us.

Our aim is to develop these close links between home and nursery by involving and supporting our families, from the moment their child starts nursery to when they leave and successfully start the next stage of their learning journey at school.

Starting at our nursery:

  • We hold an Open Day in September of each year. We use the feedback forms that parents complete as a way to gain the opinions and needs of our families.
  • We arrange a pre-visit to the nursery before a child is due to start. We are happy to arrange for children to come more than once if parents/carers wish.
  • Parents are welcome to stay at nursery sessions until they feel their child is settled.
  • The key person is always available to talk to parents at the start and end of the day. (Longer or private appointments can be made if parents require.)
  • We have a settling-in meeting with all new parents within the first half term of a child starting nursery.

How we involve parents and carers in children’s progress and development:

  • Each child has a focus week each term and prior to this we share with parents the activities their child has been enjoying at nursery and we ask parents to share with us their child’s likes and interests at home. (We also ask for information from any other nurseries the child may attend.)
  • We use our Learning Journeys to document the progress and development of each child and we share these with our parents after their child’s special week.
  • Parents are encouraged to contribute to the learning journeys – with photos/postcards/news and achievements.
  • Learning journeys are always available upon request.
  • We share our support plans with parents and we encourage parents to add their comments
  • We share ideas with our parents through our notice board and newsletter and encourage parents to put our “learning tips” in to practice at home by giving them ideas on how they can carry their child’s learning.
  • Parents are always welcomed to talk about their child’s learning and development with their key person.



How we involve parents/carers in news and events at nursery: 

  • We inform parents of what we are doing at nursery by issuing a half-termly newsletter – which informs of upcoming dates and events.
  • We use our whiteboard outside nursery as a daily bulletin board, to inform parents of what the children are doing at nursery.
  • We have a notice board in the foyer and we put useful information for our families in there for them to view and take away with them.
  • At the end  of each term, we send home a holiday news form which can be filled in with information of what children have been doing whilst they have been on holiday from nursery. When children return, we share these holiday memories and they are a valuable communication and language tool.
  • The Nursery School holds an annual Sports Day, which is a family event. We also hold a nativity play, where again, we invite family and extended family to attend.
  • During World Book week we invite parents/other family members to come and share a story with their child at nursery

How we support our families in the transition to school:

  • We are very proud of the links that we have with our transition primary schools. We involve teachers and parents/carers as fully in this process as we can. We hold meetings with parents of transition children to go through their child’s transition report and to ensure that they fully understand the information that we are sharing with the school.
  • Members of nursery staff also support the children during their school transition process by attending school visits with the children.

Our management committee:

  • Our nursery management committee is made up of parents – past and present. We are able to use their views and opinions to shape the future of the nursery.
  • Through the committee’s fundraising events we hope to engage our families in fun events which help to raise funds for the nursery and foster a sense of belonging and community.
  • We use our Reepham Nursery School website and facebook page as valuable ways to communicate forthcoming dates and events to our families


This Procedure was adopted at a meeting of:  Reepham Nursery School
Held in:  September 2015
Date to be reviewed:  September 2017
Signed on behalf of the management committee:  Graham Dunkley – Chairperson.