New Committee Members

From September The Reepham Nursery School Committee will be saying goodbye to some of its members. All of these members will no longer have children at the nursery school and therefore will be moving on to other things. The Nursery School would not have been able to operate without these members and we all need to say a big thank you to these parents for their commitment and effort.

The Committee does need new members who have children at the Nursery School. Ideally we are looking for 5 new members to come on board from September’s AGM.
However, with safeguarding what it is today we need to have these new members signed up by the end of June. This will mean that we can start the process of the essential DBS & EY2 checks (which take approx. 3 months to complete).

We will be talking to you in the next couple of weeks (particularly at Sports Day) to see if you are able to volunteer to become a Committee Member.

The main roles will be fundraising and attending a few meetings throughout the year to deal with all issues governing Reepham Nursery School.

If you are interested please speak with the Nursery Staff or current Committee Members asap. Looking forward to working with you soon.

Reepham Nursery School Committee.