Spring Newsletter 2017

Topics for this half term:
Week 1 – My family
Week 2 – Books
Week 3 – Spring (looking for signs of)
Week 4 – Spring (growing)
Week 5 – Mothers and Babies
Week 6 – Easter

For our topic of families we would be grateful if you could send in some pictures of your family which we could use for discussion and to make into a book.

Week 2 is coinciding with “World Book Day” and we would like to do a “Stop and Share” session each day. This is open to parents/carers from 9:30 – 10:30 each morning.
You could either bring a story from home or use one of our books to share with your child.
Please sign up on the sheet on the large table inside nursery.

Emergency Details
Please could you notify staff of any changes to contact details on your child’s registration forms. This could be a change of address, phone number, people with permission to collect etc.

Safety issues
Please could you keep older siblings out of the foyer in the afternoons at collection times.
It is lovely to see them all, but it is more important to us to see your child out safely.
Could we please remember to leave cars parked over near the trees and not outside the pick up area.
Thank you for your co-operation at this time of day.

Finally, if you have any queries please come and speak to your child’s keyperson, Sue or Cathy and we will do all we can to help.

Kindest regards,
Sue, Cathy, Penny, Kirsty and Michelle.