Staff Supervision (3.2)

At Reepham Nursery School, we believe that in order to support all our employees, on an on-going basis, it is important to hold regular one to one ‘Supervision’ meetings. This policy outlines what we believe to be a system of effective supervision.

The aim of the supervision meeting is to provide support, coaching and training for the practitioner. Supervision should foster a culture of mutual support, teamwork and continuous improvement, where practitioners feel supported within their work environment and able to discuss confidential and sensitive issues.


  • All employees at Reepham Nursery School undertake regular supervision sessions with the nursery manager. The nursery manager has their supervision meeting with the Committee Chairperson. Supervision meetings are intended to support employees in the roles they undertake within the Nursery.
  • Supervision will be used to support staff, to discuss their performance and for gathering evidence for staff appraisals.
  • Supervision can include, where necessary, mentoring and coaching.
  • Supervision provides the opportunity for staff to discuss any issues – particularly concerning children’s development and well-being and to identify  ways to address these issues.
  • Supervision sessions do not replace annual staff appraisals and will take place half termly. They may be more frequent if the need arises, or if a supervisor/employee/committee chair feels it may be appropriate.
  • At the end of a supervision meeting, the Manager will complete action points and will record them on the supervision monitoring form. This will be signed and dated by both parties. A copy will be given to the supervisee and a copy will be retained in the supervisees staff file.
  • Participation in supervision is important and is part of a staff members’ contractual agreement.
  • All supervision meetings will take place in a quiet place, without interruptions.

Supervision will be regularly timetabled to allow staff to prepare in advance any issues to be discussed.


This Policy was adopted at a meeting of:  Reepham Nursery School
Held in:  May 2018
Date to be reviewed:  May 2019
Signed on behalf of the management committee:  Rachael Jones – Chairperson.