Sun Protection (6.10)


At Reepham Nursery school our aim is to keep children safe from harm.  This policy aims to protect children from the adverse effects of the sun. 

The procedure we follow:

  • Reepham Nursery School encourages parents/carers to dress their children so that they are covered up in light clothing to protect their skin from the sun.
  • We ask parents/carers to apply a sunscreen to their child before they come to nursery morning/afternoon session. We will make sun cream available to parents as they drop off their children, if it is required.
  • Staff will reapply sunscreen after lunch to those children who are attending nursery all day.
  • Reepham Nursery school encourages parents/carers to bring their child to nursery with a named sun hat. The nursery school have some hats which the children can borrow.
  • Staff encourage all children to only stay outside for a short period of time, if it is very hot outside.
  • The outside area has some shade provided for the children (e.g. a gazebo).

The administration of sun cream:

  • Parents/carers will be asked to provide written consent and a donation towards the cost of an ‘Ultrasun’ high protection, hyper-allergenic sunscreen purchased by Reepham Nursery School.
  • Parents/carers will have filled out a consent form to ensure they are happy for staff to apply this agreed sunscreen to their child. This consent form will be kept in the child’s individual file.
  • If parents/carers want to provide their own sunscreen, we happy for them to do so. We will ask them to provide us with a suitable sunscreen labelled with the child’s name. We will still require a signed consent form permitting staff to apply the sunscreen they have provided.
  • If we do not have consent from a child’s parent/carer to be able to apply our sunscreen, or have not been provided with an individual sunscreen, then the child will be kept indoors during the times we feel it is too hot for him/her to be outside unprotected. This will continue until a consent is gained in order to keep the child safe from adverse effects of the sun.

This Policy was adopted at a meeting of:  Reepham Nursery School
Held in:  April 2016
Date to be reviewed:  April 2019
Signed on behalf of the management committee:  Rachael Jones – Chairperson.